As Golf Course Superintendent of Lakewood Country Club, we are always looking
for innovative and effective ways to solve problems. Sand Scapes has done this
for us by removing gravel and debris from our sand traps and waste bunker areas.

This is one of the best machines that I have ever seen do this type of clean up. I
highly recommend the use of this service to anyone looking for a particle-free
groomed area. Whether beach front, construction clean-ups, volleyball courts, and
playgrounds the possibilities are endless.

This service solves your clean-up and debris problems, period!

Francis J. Owsik
Golf Course Superintendent
Lakewood Country Club
Lakewood, NJ
Here is what some of our customers are saying about Sand Scapes.
I was delighted to find Matt & Sand Scapes! Until now I could not find anyone to
clean my sand. Now it looks great! He even raked the small parts by hand.

Ann K. Clapp
Beach front Homeowner
Manasquan, NJ