Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is a sand machine and how does it work?
Sand Scapes owns and operates remote controlled self-propelled sand sifting
machines. The machine's cutting edge penetrates deep into the surface lifting
the material onto a screener. The screener then sifts the unwanted debris from
the sand/soil. The screened sand/soil then falls back to the surface and the
debris is collected in the rear hopper.

2. Why is sifting better than raking?
Using various size screens enables the machine to catch  even smallest debris,
such as animal feces and small rocks. Raking basically just combs over the
surface only allowing large objects like soda bottles to be collected.

3. What can the sand machine remove?
The sand machine is capable of screening broken glass, syringes, general litter,
rubbish, shells, cigarette butts, nails, animal feces, stones, and other small
unwanted debris.

4. How often do I need to have my sand and soil cleaned?
The recommend frequency of cleaning depends on the amount of debris in the
sand/soil area and how quickly it reappears. Regular cleanings greatly reduce
the amount of unwanted materials.

5. What if the sand/soil is wet?
For the best results we recommend the sand be a dry as possible. For wet
sand, larger screens and slower speeds may be needed.  

6. Will the sand machine remove everything?
It is not possible to remove absolutely everything. We make every effort to
ensure an area is as clean as possible, though we cannot guarantee that a
cleaned area will be completely free of all unwanted debris. However, it is far
more thorough than any raking method.

7. What does it cost?
The cost of the cleaning is dependent upon two factors. 1) The cleaning service
you are requesting and 2) the total square footage of the area to be cleaned.
There are also price considerations for those who enter into contracts for
routine cleanings as well.